Saturday was our last day in beautiful Donastia/San Sebastian. We’ve had an incredible week of new relationships, cultural experiences and family deepening. I truly enjoy leading teams overseas to serve our God by showing His love through helpful ways. The people we worked with in Spain pulled off their first English camp with our team’s help, and by all accounts from the Basque parents, there will be a great demand for it next year!

Today we had the opportunity to sleep in a little, and after we got up, our intentions were to ride the train to Biarritz, France where the beaches are reputed to be gorgeous. However, we would do this without the aid of any Spanish or French speakers. To get there, it required a train and then taking a bus the rest of the way.

We arrived in France no problem, but the bus situation was a little tenuous. After deliberating for a while and waiting on a bus to take us in the direction we were hoping to go, our family opted out. We jumped the next train back to San Sebastian and spent the rest of the afternoon seeing some sights we’d not gotten to see and enjoying the beach.

The Cook family and another young couple we worked with here waited for the bus to take them beyond Hendaia, France. Their destination was either Biarritz or Bayonne. We’ll learn when they return where they wound up. It’s a form of Bussian Roulette.

One cool thing is that we saw a massive parade on the way back from the beach. We think they were celebrating the release of a Basque political dissident. But we’re not sure… We cheered a little with everyone else.

Our plane leaves early a.m. Sunday, so we’re scheduled to arrive late Sunday night back in Roanoke. We’re exceptionally grateful for our experience and the opportunity to magnify Christ among these people!

You can see our pictures at this link.

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