Now this should be good. Bill Gates will appear on Jon Stewart’s Daily Show Monday night to promote and answer questions about Windows Vista. When Gates himself has to trot out of hiding to promote an upcoming Microsoft launch, it’s indicative of terror in the camp.

I can hear it now…
Jon: So… Bill, most people are saying that Windows Vista of 2007 looks suspiciously like Macintosh Panther of 2002.
Bill: Well, yes. We’re not idiots, you know.
Jon: Uh, well, aren’t you concerned that the pundits are pointing out that all you’re doing is trying to keep up with Apple.
Bill: That’s all we’ve ever done, Jon. From the mouse to a user-friendly system.
Jon: So who come you guys have more market share?
Bill: We cheat. We steal. We monopolize.
Jon: Oh.
Bill: By the way, I love those Apple commercials with the PC guy.
Jon: Yea, they’ve been more popular than the Intel commercials with the blue-faced dudes, haven’t they?
Bill: (Phone rings) Whups, gotta go, Jon. Seems like there’s a small snafu contained in Vista that deletes a person’s soul. We’ll get that taken care of with a bloated security update. Have a nice day.
Jon: Uh, yea. You too, Bill.

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