Caro and Sam are in our bed watching Sunday night football. Sam is into NFL this year since I’ve set him up a team in our fantasy football league. Joe Theisman is one of the commentators, and upon hearing this, Carolyn says, “Joe Theisman is still alive?!” incredulously.
Surprised, I say, “Well, yes…”
“But what about the Theisman Trophy? Isn’t that really old?” she says.
“You mean the Heisman Trophy?” I say with my best I’m-a-man-and-am-so-glad-you-asked-that-question voice.
“Oh,” she says.
“I’ve got to go write a quick blog article,” I laugh, and gleefully dash to the living room where my trusty Powerbook is waiting….

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Jeff Noble

Jeff is the pastor of Northstar Church in Blacksburg, Virginia. He grew up in Arkansas, loves fantasy football and is an Apple fan boy. Follow him on Twitter or Instagram @journeyguy.
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