Our five year-old niece is visiting us for a few days. She’s from El Paso, and she is quite loquacious (i.e, my ears are losing weight because of the workout they’re getting). However, she’s pretty entertaining and fun, and I thought I’d record some things she’s said to us during her stay. Keep coming back for more “Things Mattie Said” (TMS):

  • Upon arriving in Raleigh-Durham where it had been raining: “Look at those ponds!” (speaking about water puddles – they don’t see much of those in El Paso…)
  • To Sam on the way to McDonalds: “Your voice used to be different.”
  • Since she’s been here, she’s been texting all the time.. on a toy calculator.
  • “I think God made me do that because I didn’t do that.”
  • I love that show. Spongebob. He’s a good actor.
  • Nanny, (what she calls Carolyn) why did you wear your hair like that? Did you not have time to fix it?
  • Everything looks good on me. (she’s not a big believer in humility)

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