I’ve started reading John Piper’s Seeing and Savoring Jesus Christ, one chapter a day as an igniter to my reflection and devotion time and am thoroughly enjoying it. You can see one of the entries below about the mixer as being influenced by it.

I’ve also picked and am doing the chapter a day thing with Ron Sider’s book Scandal of the Evangelical Conscience. Wow. Very convicting. Basically, it opens up the dilemma about how the average western Christian’s lifestyle is no different from the average pagan’s. Same divorce rate, same abortion percentages, same premarital sex reports, same spousal abuse, etc. (if not higher in some instances!).

Finally, I’m now devouring a book by George Barna called Revolution. Brandi Williams recommended it to me, and I’m loving it. If you’re dissatisified with American Christendom, you need to pick up this book. You might be a Revolutionary.

I’m sure you’ll soon see these three books in my parchment column to the left.

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