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Perhaps it’s because I just read Hewitt’s book about Christian ambition, or perhaps it’s because this epiphany of realization is so bright that I gotta wear shades, but the article called Get a Haircut and a Real Job by Mark Steele in the July/August 2006 issue of Relevant magazine was like a sun flare.

In it, Steele takes a long, hard look and offers biting commentary on today’s Christian “posers” who love to talk, critique, condemn and tear down established churches and Christendom without offering relevant (hey guys, where’s my commission for new subscriptions?), practical help to extending the kingdom of Christ in our day.

“You’re educated, you’re well read, you’re postmodern – and you speak negatively of everything. Big shocker. Welcome to the elite everybody.”

Steele decries this generation of pep rally, long hair-wearing, tatoo-boasting, edgy-arrogant believers who lack any holistic vision of making a difference in others’ lives for the Gospel of Christ. Not only do they demonstrate their supreme lack of biblical application (which far outweighs their immense biblical knowledge), but they often seem to simply drift. Their eyes are not on any prize to run for. They are simply taking up space.

For these un-followers, Steele says,

“I hate to break this to you, but if you talk big plans about your ‘mission’ or ‘calling’ but lack any forward motion, (spoiler alert) you are a massive tool. Sorry. I know it’s hard. The problem is that many people do not act because they await clarity. They expect God to speak through the wind or a self-help book or the mouth of Conan and reveal the intricate details of next steps. God rarely does that. Because that isn’t faith – it’s feeding a baby.”

To combat this lethargy, Steele offers six practical tips for siezing the day and getting on with it:

  1. Don’t hit snooze. “…go to bed at a decent hour (one with two digits) and give yourself time in the morning to exercise, pray, and – here’s a new one: think! Some of your best and most original life-changing thoughts will come at the top of the day.”
  2. Make a freakin’ move. “Take a long, hard look at your skill set, and then actually do something related to that skill set.”
  3. Perhaps you are the poser. “Exercise. Pray. Expand your knowledge. Fast from meals – or fast from media… Put yourself in a a lifestyle pattern of growth…”
  4. Opinionated is easy. “You have been placed on this planet to add something. Expend some energy on that.”
  5. You can (really) go it alone. “Just because your dream is daunting does not make it untrue.”
  6. …But not too alone. “Isolation is the opposite of the real plan.”

And I would add… while you’re getting a haircut, why not get them all cut?

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