Just wanted to post a quick update on our health journey with Carolyn. Thank you all for emailing, asking and praying. 

She had an appointment today at 12:30 in which the surgeon reviewed her PET scan and medical history. After doing an ultrasound on two of the areas in which he was able to see the lumps, he and Carolyn’s oncologist are recommending an outpatient surgery. We scheduled it for December 8.

On a side note, his ultrasound machine was smaller than a standard laptop… I was dying to snap a picture of it but just couldn’t bring myself to do so. (I can take a picture of a cat funeral but not a sonogram machine… Go figure.)

Basically, he will remove the lump in the breast and do a biopsy of it first. If it proves to be Hodgkin’s or some sort of lymphoma, he will not remove anything else. If it’s not, then he’ll proceed to one of the other nodes and remove one of them and do a biopsy of it.

The reasoning is that since all this is happening at one time, that it’s most likely related and not separate cases of breast cancer and Hodgkin’s. We were very pleased with his professionalism, candor and sensitivity.

We’re trying to schedule things around Adelyn’s performance in the Arkansas Ballet’s production of the Nutcracker the weekend of the 6th. 

Again, thanks for your prayers and thoughts!

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