Derek over at has been sharing the Top 15 Church Plants in the past year. They were judged according to:

  • weekly attendance (as proportionate to target population),
  • yearly baptisms (as evidence of new conversions), and finally, by
  • concrete impact on the culture around them (homeless shelter ministries, community involvement, etc.

If nothing else, the churches that were listed are worth reviewing their websites to see how they might be using web presence to reach their communities. The churches were submitted to Derek by email, and as such may not be the best or most objective criteria for selection, but I’m interested in knowing what you think after reviewing some of the churches and their sites.

  • What are your general impressions of the churches on this list?
  • What do you notice about their websites in particular that intrigued you?
  • Did you find yourself “visiting” one of these churches in more depth than the others? If so, what about that site led you to do so?
  • What can you conclude about new church plants in the past year after reviewing these churches?
  • What can be applied to your own church?

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