The rest of 2017 will feature some “top” posts, so buckle in and don’t let your head spin

Here are the Top Posts from 2017:

  1. After 20 years with Passion conferences, here’s two things I’ve learned. (Jan 7)
    Grateful is an understatement. Over the years, I’ve wondered about the Passion movement, some of the speakers, cringed at a few of the songs, or scratched my head about Christian “fashion” (can we say “Louie’s jeans” together?), I still have to park my heart in grateful mode. What I’ve gained is greater.
  2. Why I got rid of my iPhone X. (Dec 16)
    I am not some snarky Microsoft user who doesn’t know the difference and is lobbing thought bombs over the digital fence. I hate to hate the iPhone X. So let me share what is good and right about the phone before dogging it…
  3. Three attitudes that will change your life: Choose joy. (Feb 20)
    I don’t mean that we can simply shift into a positive emotion in spite of external relationships or circumstances. Choosing joy means that we recognize that our current situation is not the final word.
  4. Not dating. (June 16)
    My daughter brought a boy home, and I got kicked out of the man cave. A few reflections… (Disclaimer: they are no longer not-dating.. They are simply not dating.)
  5. Sunday mornings. (Aug 13)
    Life in the ministry means for the most part that weekend trips are out. I don’t say that to whine, but simply to point out a reality for those in ministry – they don’t typically take over-the-weekend trips. For the pastor, one of his most important roles is preaching on Sunday mornings. They are “on” while others are off.
  6. Three attitudes that will change your life: Be gracious. (Jan 20)
    What this means is that when it’s time to confront, to communicate, to hold someone accountable, to inform them that you have been hurt… you choose to extend courtesy, kindness and compassion to them. Don’t leave your character at the door in a fit of vengeful rage. Refuse to allow bitterness to spring up within you.
  7. Surprising deliverance. Is Donald Trump similar to King Cyrus? (Mar 5)
    No, I’m not saying President Trump is acting like a king. Some of you will want to dispute that. This post isn’t intended to be political. My purpose is to help us think beyond partisanship to sovereignty.
  8. Three attitudes that will change your life: Assume the best. (Jan 14)
    It’s truly incredible how freeing this mental posture is. I’ve passed this simple attitude posture along to others in different contexts – church, business, school – and every person who practices it shares with me what a significant blessing it becomes in their life. It frees you. It frees others.
  9. Reflections on Good Friday, Easter and the Virginia Tech shooting. (Apr 15)
    I have mixed emotions about how our culture remembers and marks events such as these. Because I’m a follower of Jesus, I know that only He can heal hearts, comfort grief and assure our future. In times of memorial, it is indeed a sad moment to witness people who grieve deeply without hope or understanding of life’s significance.
  10. Top Books I Read in 2016. (Jan 9)
    I was curious that this post remains one of the most popular in 2017. Expect a Top Books I Read in 2017 to appear this week!

I’d be really curious about your thoughts. Was there another post in 2017 that captured your imagination or encouraged or provoked you that you don’t see on the list? You can quickly review 2017 posts here to jog your memory.

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