It’s become a tradition on the blog to serve up for you at the turn of the year the posts that were most trafficked over 2018. Here they are:

  1. Cancer hiccups (Nov 15)
    This post details the discovery that my wife Carolyn was diagnosed with salivary gland cancer. Since 1992, this is the fourth type of cancer she’s encountered, in nine different episodes.
  2. Go see it: The Greatest Showman (Jan 2)
    I’m not a musical lover, but this movie not only surprised me.. it delighted me. Read my review, and why I think there are overtones of the Christian gospel in the movie.
  3. A new wrinkle (Dec 18)
    Along the way to treating Carolyn’s salivary gland cancer, a PET scan revealed activity in her abdomen that was diagnosed as lymphoma. Two cancers at once..
  4. A discouraged pastor (Feb 9)
    I received a text from a friend who was discouraged and who is also a pastor. It led me to reflect on how difficult it is to serve as a pastor.
  5. Memorable December moments (Dec 18)
    December was a crazy month as we embraced new health realities with cancer while at the same time juggled a church schedule and prepared for Christmas – determined to reflect joy.
  6. Remembering the message of Billy Graham (Mar 3)
    The passing of this iconic evangelist led me to write my own reflections and tribute to his faithful clinging to the gospel of Jesus.
  7. 10 Reasons why you should wholeheartedly support President Trump (May 5)
    This post was unashamed click bait in an effort to get feedback on what issues are appropriate for pastors to write about.
  8. Retiring a Giant (Nov 19)
    This tribute to the man I learned how to do campus ministry from is well worth the read, and the leadership lessons I gained from David James continue to echo in my own ministry style.
  9. On building a church called Northstar (Aug 18)
    Our church is in the middle of building its first ministry center. These reflections on this humbling/scary process, I hope, were encouraging to anyone endeavoring a project beyond their own capabilities.
  10. Nuff said: The Eisenhower Box, porn addiction in the church, Why Dilbert hates goals, Are youth leaving the church? and the Celebrity Pastor Fantasy Draft (Nov 26)
    I love when one of my Nuff Said posts is well-read. This one in particular was popular this year.

I’d be really curious about your thoughts. Was there another post in 2018 that captured your imagination or encouraged or provoked you that you don’t see on the list? You can quickly review this year’s posts here to jog your memory.

Personally, I wish these posts had made the Top 10:

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