OK, I’ve been using Swurl for about two weeks now and LOVE it. Of course, it’s competing in my microblogging heart for affection with Tumblr. I’d be curious which of the two websites you like the most.

Both are wonderful tools for lifestreaming. Both are very easy to set up. Both allow you to track friends – although Swurl is far more comprehensive with this option. Here are the differences:

  • Tumblr actually can be used as a blog. You can make new entries there. It will also pull your microblogging from others sources. Swurl only pulls all your entries from other sources – you can’t actually “create” an entry in Swurl.
  • Swurl has an amazing visual archive feature. In moments, it had archived all my tweets, my blogs, and status updates in an attractive graph. This is startling, because it successfully archived this blog which has close to 1000 entries!
So here’s what I’m asking… visit my Tumblr and my Swurl page (linked above), and vote below:

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