• RT @northstarfamily We joined other churches to give furniture to 193 people from 16 nations, with China (46%) and India (41%) being largest #
  • Just french-pressed some Mill Mountain Coffee, opened scripture, with cool night air blowing through from window… a little sermon review #
  • T-minus 30 for worship at Northstar Church today. Theme: a Celebration of Faith. #
  • Doing the Starbucks thang and wondering how many of my tweeples have been in or will be in a coffee house today? #
  • Touring kids' schools for open house. #
  • I upgraded to #HootSuite 2.0 because tweer pressure http://hootsuite.com/upgrade #
  • It was vewy foggy on the scooter dwive in. I tawt I taw a puddy tat. #
  • Some poor guy got pulled over in front of Carol Lee's donuts. I see bribery opportunity. #
  • Meditating on the word "great" and realizing I use it flippantly. "Great is the Lord and greatly to be praised…" Psalm 48.1 #
  • "If churches wait too long to die to themselves, then they will ensure that they will die by themselves." – Erwin McManus #
  • Overheard @codydavenport say at lunch, "I seriously believe there's a Bigfoot." #
  • RT @Zackpianko: Heard this today: "Remember. Windows always crack, apples always grow." #
  • Headed to meet @mrsharp79 for coffee at Bux. #
  • Aaargh. An entire cloud of gnats invaded the house after we left doors open this afternoon. #
  • Hanging out at Mill Mountain Coffee this a.m. with my Bible, journal, and dreams. Also praying for my kids. #
  • Just spent 5 wasted minutes deleting about 20 spam followers I got hit with in less than 5 minutes – different profile names but same person #
  • Paraphrase: Man is only smarter than animals when he seeks wisdom. (Proverbs 49.20) Look it up and tell me if you get that. #
  • Fidn to host a small group leaders meeting for @northstarfamily. #
  • RT @David__Francis: if people read the NT, they too could be "completely astounded" (Mark 6:51) & "extremely astonished" (7:37) at Jesus. #
  • RT @jwood4Poland: First post at http://www.jeremywoodall.com on leaving today for Poland!! #
  • RT @NRVLiving: Fix it, AT&T. Either throw the switch on 3g, or fix your network (Blacksburg, VA) #
  • RT @Ouachita: THREE-PEAT! Ranked No. 1 by U.S. News for 3rd yr: http://bit.ly/npbVj #
  • Whoa. Horrendous line in post office on University. Hope they still have posts. #
  • A lazy evening! Family all home; eating at Texas Roadhouse, then Speed UNO? in Christiansburg, VA http://loopt.us/DDaYTg.t #
  • RT @northstarfamily: Welcome back students! Spread the word-we'd love to have you be our guests this Sunday – 10 a.m. Bburg Middle School. #
  • Weedeating. Check. Now off to find a toothpick. If weather holds off, may go watch Hokies practice. #

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