• New blog entry: Tweet Week Summary http://tinyurl.com/chpan5 #
  • Aaah. Out of coffee filters- big ones – at church. But God is gonna do great things today anyway. @ Journey http://loopt.us/-9NGUg #
  • Good but wild #
  • New blog entry: Review: Communicating for a Change (rated 4 stars) http://tinyurl.com/d3qtba #
  • The mucus monster has attacked and claimed the back of my throat. Begone, foul creature! Fie on you! #
  • ‘Good to Great’ to bust? Hankins on ‘great companies’ in recession: http://snurl.com/chnui (via @LT) in reply to LT #
  • Spaghetti turns into black worms if accidentally microwaved for more than 5 minutes. #
  • Anyone know a way to hide widget titles in WordPress 2.7 without leaving widget title box blank? #
  • Really sorry to hear about @bcmguy’s chronic diarrhea. #
  • Question I heard recently: “how bad do you have to hate someone not to tell them about Jesus?” (via @markhallCC) in reply to markhallCC #
  • Does anyone local have a power adaptor (5.1v) for a 2wire DSL router? Or just an extra DSL router the church can have? #
  • Manly morning voice! Going to every drive-thru in town just to hear, “Is that all, SIR?”!!! #
  • Cnet Benchmarks Safari 4 at 42x Faster Than IE7… http://iClarified.com/3067 (via @iClarified) in reply to iClarified #
  • SuperSize Me app (Zumo Drive) available in the App Store for free. Limited time only. #
  • Speaking tonight at the BCM’s Refuge service. Love connecting with collegians. #
  • Picking up pizza for little BCM dudes and dudettes in Monticello, AR http://loopt.us/4OKkYA #
  • New blog entry: Help! Add it to your vocabulary http://tinyurl.com/chlyzn #
  • Dropped off a herd of kids. in Monticello, AR http://loopt.us/BUJpBQ #
  • It’s Official Slap-a-PC-User Day. Should be a good workout. #
  • K #
  • Heading to look at new furniture in new BCM in Monticello, AR http://loopt.us/6HvMTA #
  • At softball coaches meeting. What have I gotten into? @ Hollywood Cinema http://loopt.us/aJVWkA #
  • Great childrens ministry meeting this morning. Excited about what God is doing in our church! #
  • Suh-weet. CBS unveils TV.com for iPhone – watch TV shows on your phone… http://www.9to5mac.com/TV.COM-iPHONE-APP #
  • Sorry Twitterers… sent out a blast instead of a direct. #
  • New blog entry: 25 Things I Hate About Facebook http://tinyurl.com/dmm42t #
  • Was just told by Mobile Me chat agent “the total size of a calendar that you can sync without seeing any issues is 1 mb.” Mine is 38.8 mb! #
  • Wow. Just discovered that Google Sync recommends only a 1mb cal file as well: http://tinyurl.com/bsohrh #
  • Yuch. My head is full.. Not of knowledge.. but phlegm. Since Monday. Trying new meds. #
  • Trying QuickSMS for iPhone. New version doesn’t crash. Nice so far. #quicksms #
  • Fixing my daughters laptop #

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