I’ve got to point your attention to an excellent article that Mandy wrote for ignorantprotestant.com the other day. I was privileged to help her in a couple of areas, but it was really her brain-sweat that produced a wonderfully informative and provocative piece.

She interviewed a few unchurched families in our area. They were gracious enough to answer five questions. The results of the survey may surprise you in a few areas. Swing by IP and check out the article.

One of the things that our leadership team at church has wrestled with as a result of the survey is whether small groups are harder for a “new person” to attend than what we previously thought. Our church is organized around small group ministry, and we all believed that most people in our area who did not go to church would be more apt to come to a fun, informal gathering in one of our homes than they would a church service. 

However, nearly all of those who responded indicated that small groups and a large evangelism-type crusade were the events they would be least likely to attend. I would imagine that perhaps when they heard the term “small group” in the question, that they envisioned being trapped or cornered in a home with some Bible beaters. That’s obviously not how our small groups function. Rather, they are much like dinner parties (sometimes without the dinner, but always with the party!). They’re laid-back, laughter-filled, encouraging gatherings of friends and families who simply are trying to live the life Jesus asked us to.

I’d be interested in following your thoughts and comments on the survey over at IP. I manage that site as well, so feel free to leave a comment there as well.

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