You’re cruising along through your day, trying to do something productive, and suddenly your day has an abrupt shift of momentum. The immediacy of your detour into grandeur is shocking. Gratitude showers like a sudden summer storm.

Organic Church: Growing Faith Where Life HappensMany of you who know me, understand what I mean by “miracles in the mailbox.” Today I received another, in a different form, that pulled me from productivity to thanksgiving with the simple opening of a package. You might recall my post a few days ago about books that I would like to read.

One of them arrived in the mail today – not as a loaner – as a gift. I was mercifully graced, and I want to thank an unmet friend overseas for his act of kindness.

It’s amazing to me how the receipt of an unexpected gift can shift my focus from task to praise and gratitude.

Another friend invited me over for lunch today and made waffles for us. Wow. My day is made. Truly.

DSSFS (do something simple for someone). It may be just the detour they need.

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