“Streams of tears flow from my eyes, for your law is not obeyed.” (Psalm 119.136)

As I reflected on this Psalm a few days ago, it struck me. I’ve grown callous to sin in me and around me. I am unmoved regarding disobedience. This is in spite of the reality that each Sunday, I urge others to simply obey. It’s way too easy in this flash flood carnality that we live in to become immune to the rampant disregard of truth.

While political parties debate about the rights of health care, and others bemoan the evaporation of civility, the psalmist weeps because God is ignored. As in his day, it is in ours – it’s repugnantly easy to disregard God.

In the depths of my soul and the extent of my experience, I’ve never found obedience to God to be ultimately harmful to me. Rather, submission to His Word revealed in the Bible is a relief. It removes me from the driver’s seat on a trip that has stretched far too long and exceeded every energy drink I have in stock. Submission to God’s Word and will at that point is a lifesaver. For I simply cannot go the distance. The desire to stay in control is there, but my heart and soul have been designed to lovingly ruled by their Creator.

It is when we obey that blessing blooms.

Wonder with me today. What is it that you will not obey?

What odious word, what hateful directive

Do you refuse to to be your life objective?

Is God so wrong and you so right

That you resist Him day and night

Is He intent on your destruction

So much so that you’re bent on construction

Of a life deluded in your independence

Of one denuded of your obedience?

Your lids are heavy and the road’s great length

Exceeds your energy, your drive, your strength.

Best pull over; let Another drive.

He will not forever with you strive.

“Your statutes are the joy of my heart. My heart is set on keeping your decrees to the very end.” (Psalm 119.112)

Let yourself be moved today.

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