I was listening to the Podcast from Macfixit’s site on the way to Little Rock this morning, and was awed by the technology that is in our hands TODAY but that not many folks have jumped on just yet… With the release of Apple’s new video iPod, your average Joe suddenly has access to millions of folks through Apple’s iTunes distribution capabilities. What that means is that while all the networks and Hollywood stars are freaking out about how to get their money from Apple’s $1.99 per episode of “Lost,” the playing field is now level.

What’s to stop a talented young filmographer, writer, and group of friends from producing their own sitcom, drama, documentary, etc. and making it available via subscription in the same way you currently subscribe to Podcasts? What will the networks do when some of these edgy, talented, “Vodcasts” or “Vidcasts” began to rival their own audiences on TV?

It WILL happen. Just wait.

The ability to Vidcast has HUGE applications and opportunities for ministry as well. I see some Christian reality Vodcasts coming up…

For that matter… here’s a reality show for you… You’ve got $17.87 to your name, and you live in rural south Arkansas. Lights… camera… action… Do you spend it all at Wal-Mart, Sonic, or make it last for 3 weeks by eating off of Wendy’s $ menu?

Even better, with hunting season around the corner, why not just follow a hunter into the woods and preserve for posterity every nosepick and projectile tobacco spew? I’m sure folks will be lining up to download these quality shows.

Hmmm… so I got a little carried away there… But it still remains that Vidcasting is going to turn video media, TV, cable, and satellite upside down… Just you wait…


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