It began snowing last week in Blacksburg. We love snow; don’t get me wrong. We had been bummed (notice past tense) that we hadn’t gotten any significant snow. Now there’s been more than a foot of snow on the ground – including the 6″ we got this past Saturday. There’s so many good things about snow.. but the one bad thing? The kids haven’t been to school since last Monday. We were at a swim team banquet for BHS last night when one of the students yelled in the middle of it, “No school tomorrow!” The kids cheered; the parents groaned in disbelief.

This video by Nashville realtor Adam Helton says it all:

HT: Delin Soileau

By the way, “HT” means hat tip – in other words, it’s a nod to the person who showed me the video. 😉

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