We were so excited! We made it to the airport this time… But as we turned in the rental car, the helpful Enterprise folks said, “Uh, I think they just canceled all flights out today…” Sure enough, while I was standing there, with a dumbfounded look on my face, my Twitter alert from Alaska Air went off on my phone announcing the same thing.

Canceled. That makes eight flights canceled since last Thursday.

When I got back in the car, there were two very upset females and one very quiet 12 year-old son. Dad was remarkably calm, all things considered.

Redoubt volcano continues to throw up all over Alaska’s atmosphere, prohibiting flights out. Many say the airlines are being way too cautious; however, the alternatives are not pretty.

The Northwest Air agent we spoke to next, however, would have won an award for jerk of the year. Thankfully, we hung up, called back and got another one that was very helpful.

With all that said, we’ve purchased more tickets on Alaska Air, in the hopes that one way or another, some of us will be able to leave Alaska this year. Caro and the kids are now slated to fly out Tuesday at 8:00 a.m. Alaska time. I’m flying out Thursday at 8:00 a.m. Pray that these flights take!

Carolyn has already missed her annual Easter Special (a most necessary income event for us!) and will be rescheduling it. However, she’s also supposed to be taking Kim’s Dance photos this week. On top of that, her chemo was scheduled for today. Things ain’t pretty.

So we’re starting a Volcano Fund. 😉

Whether you give dollars or not, we would sure appreciate your prayers. Kristy’s mom mentioned that someone needs to throw alka seltzer in the volcano. We are open to all options at this point.

One bright spot today: I think we get to spend more time with the Hales this evening. We’re going to talk them into coming to Anchorage to hang out with us some. We love them! And we are hating that they’re feeling bad for us!

Spiritual lessons out of this are too many to number. In addition, we know that they’ll be easier to digest after the intensity of these days wear off. Patience, unfulfilled expectations, God’s sovereignty and goodness, being frustrated in the midst of indescribable beauty, etc.

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