april.jpgApril Fool’s Day came and went for me, and surprisingly – even shockingly – I never once said, shouted, or jubilantly screamed, “April Fools!” I’m a little disappointed in myself. On top of that, no one said it to me either. For those of you who know me well, this startling omission from the first day of April is obviously a sign of the end times. It’s, well, unheard of.

Therefore, to make up for it, I’m devoting April to lighter posts – for the most part. I hope to be bringing you silliness and frivolity. I’ll be trying to lean to the lighter side this month. We’ll see how it goes. For a month that starts with a laugh, then celebrates a Resurrection, requires tax filing and supposedly brings showers, it should be pretty busy.

And as a reminder, for you lurkers out there, feel free to share a joke or thought at the campfire. And for all the friends who’ve been on the trail with me for a while, I’m immensely glad you’re here and are continuing the adventure with me.

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