In the past week there has been an upsurge in traffic on Notes from the Trail. Lots of new folks getting their feet dusty with us on this journey. I attribute much of this to the immediate and encouraging success of MonticelloLive. Did you know that last Friday it had just shy of 200 visits and more than 1300 page views? That’s pretty huge for a new website in a rural community! Thanks for your help in making that possible. I particularly want to thank Paul Griffin at Shelter Insurance. An email he sent to some friends got forwarded… and forwarded… until it made its way to the emails of teachers in the Monticello school district and at UAM. Many of the hits came from there, I believe.

For those of you just stopping in for the first time, let me encourage you to comment. It’s what makes blogs fun, participatory, and ongoing. It encourages the author, and it encourages others to participate as well. Often, what you have to say is much more important than what a blog author does!

By the way, for added exposure and traffic, if you’ve got the time, swing by and submit Notes.

Finally, for those of you following the minivan saga, I think it’s sold! Yahoo!

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