Wednesdays are full days of meetings for me and our staff. It wasn’t so full for one of our interns named Wes this week. Our intern meeting with he and Maggie at 9:00 a.m. was, well, Wes-less. We texted to no avail. Wes just… wasn’t. “Where’s Wes?’ we wondered. It was weird.

Staff meeting with our ministry staff is at 10:00, and due to a busy upcoming schedule this month, our interns were there. Well, Maggie was. Wes wasn’t. Maggie was marvelous. Wes wasn’t. So Intern Maggie enjoyed homemade blueberry muffins by Adam with the rest of us. Wes didn’t.

Toward the end of the meeting, Wes quietly entered the Lancaster House, where we office. Just in time for our weekly Wednesday staff lunch. Convenient, huh?

Here’s the kicker. I love Wendy’s, and I always try to convince the staff to go there for lunch. Usually, I get outvoted, but this week when I mentioned Wendy’s, Wes was welcoming to the idea. He spoke up first and said, “Yes, let’s go to Wendy’s.” With one affirmative in the bag, everyone else sighed and acquiesced.

As several of us carpooled to Wendy’s, someone asked Wes why he voiced support for Wendy’s so quickly. His response?

“I like repentance… and this seems like the quickest way to do that.”

#Wendys #LifeLessonsFromInterns


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