God Is Closer Than You Think: This Can Be the Greatest Moment of Your Life Because This Moment Is the Place Where You Can Meet GodI’m still enjoying John Ortberg’s book, God Is Closer than You Think, and was intrigued and moved by a simple page turn this morning. Isn’t life like that? One moment you see words on a page, black on white. You’re enjoying a book or article and moving right along.

The next moment… your breath is taken away. A simple page turn. More black on white. But what you read there opens your eyes, catches your heart, and engages you with a world larger than you, a book, a cup of coffee and Fox News in the background.

Truth. Beauty. Loveliness. Marvel. Wonder.

What do you see?

When we see beauty that overwhelms us; when we see acts of compassion that make us choke up; when we feel longing so deep and sweet that everything in our life recedes; when the turn of a phrase or a bar of music catches us off guard and takes our breath away – then perhaps it is something more than just an aesthetic experience,” according to Ortberg.

Perhaps that’s why I love Christmas movies so much. ABC Family advertised last night their “25 Days of Christmas” – meaning 25 days of some-cheesy, some-cheering Christmas shows. I’m all over it. You never know when you’re watching a Christmas movie at what point your eyes are replaced by your heart.

It happens in a moment. You were seeing actors, scenes, and snow. Then with explosive force your heart leaps, your eyes wet, your throat constricts. Something larger has happened. You have been engaged.

It’s my thought this morning that every moment of life contains the possibility of brushing beauty onto the canvas of your experience. One thing… you can’t paint on a moving canvas.

Ortberg says that in order to experience abundance, we must “refuse to give in to a pace of life that reduces His handiwork to a blur.”

In other words, slow down. Look up. Look around. Breathe.

What do you see?

What would you like to see?

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