twitter-appsI was pretty bummed today when I learned that the Mac app for Echofon was discontinued last October. I had no idea. I don’t know how I missed it. When I googled to get the scoop, Cult of Mac had the story.

Echofon has been my main Twitter client for over a year on all my devices – iPhone, iPad and Mac desktop. LOVE it. In the past 2 months though, I’ve had problems with it on my iPhone. I use Siri to tweet – a lot – and the Siri button would be grayed out and not available. In frustration one day, I went looking for new clients and found Tweetbot.

It’s nice, but not as clean and smooth as Echofon. It has a learning curve to it and doesn’t seem quite as intuitive as Echofon. One thing I HATE about Tweetbot is when you “@” someone, it pulls in a long list of people that I don’t even follow, which forces me to enter more characters to get to the person in the list I want to mention.

One Twitter client that I love – it’s beautiful – is Janetter, but it doesn’t yet have push notifications or sync what tweets you’ve read on other devices. However, their Mac app is stellar.

The main things I want from Twitter apps, on iPhone, iPad and Mac is:

  1. Syncing to last tweet read
  2. Push notifications
  3. Multiple account capability
  4. Scheduling (the only app I know that does that is Hootsuite)

What Twitter app do you use and why? Have you used any of these apps that I’ve mentioned?

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