It’s Easter week! Let me joyfully declare that Jesus Christ is risen. He is risen indeed! Our church has some exciting activities planned for members, guests and seekers this week. I hope we’ll see some new faces and friends as a result.

As I was reading Matthew 14 this a.m., I was stopped by this phrase in the ESV (English Standard Version):

“…the day is now over.” (14.15)

Here’s the background: Jesus had attempted to withdraw by Himself in a boat, after hearing of the death of His cousin-prophet, John the Baptist. John’s role as the preparer of the way of the Lord was over. Jesus was now the Way. Upon exiting the boat, what He found, however, was not quietness but crowds.

What Jesus does next teaches me so much about how to view interruption. Typically, I view it as a nuisance. Jesus viewed it as ministry. The New Testament says, “He had compassion on them and healed their sick.”

That’s where the above phrase and heart-check comes into play. It had been a looong day. The disciples now say, “The day is over.” In other words, “We’re exhausted; get rid of these folks so we can have some time to recoup.”

However, Jesus ain’t done yet. What happens next is not only instructional for weary disciples but inspirational for wary doubters. Jesus keeps going, not like the Energizer Bunny, but like the compassionate God-lover of a lost world. He feeds the crowd with a little boy’s lunch.

The disciples said to Him, “The day is now over,” but it wasn’t for Jesus. He still saw more ministry.

How often are we ready to call it quits, when we’re exhausted and out of resources, but Jesus ain’t done yet?

During this Passion Week, remember… even at the cross… Jesus wasn’t done yet.

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