campfire.jpgI don’t know about you, but 2006 seem to drain out faster than I imagined. It was a little like watching the last inch or so of water in the tub turn tornadic as it vanished in a defiant slurp. Where did the year go? Of course, that begs the next question: What does 2007 hold for us all?

Here at Notes, I hope you’re willing to share in this journey with each other. The journey is enhanced and enjoyed when you talk along the trail. So you lurkers out there, leave a thought or two for us to chew on beside the embers of the fading fire. And for all the friends who’ve been on the trail with me for a while, I’m immensely glad you’re here and are continuing the adventure with me.

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Jeff Noble

Jeff is the pastor of Northstar Church in Blacksburg, Virginia. He grew up in Arkansas, loves fantasy football and is an Apple fan boy. Follow him on Twitter or Instagram @journeyguy.
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