Derek over at Waiting in Athens has a powerfully short blog entry related to what excuses we offer to God for not following him. Here they are:

  • God hasn’t spoken to me directly. This dangerous excuse has many forms, including: “I’m listening for His voice”, “I’m waiting on Him”, or the ever popular “I’m praying about it”. While the revealing of God’s will is paramount, we so often use this as an “out” to the dream He has for us. If He told us everything about His day-to-day will through Scripture and prayer, what room would there be for faith? Paul, in Acts 16:6-8 tries to go into three different areas to spread the Gospel. He knows that there is a plan for his ministry, but he doesn’t wait around: he acts. The Spirit guides him, and then the dream is made clear to Paul in what we know as the Macedonian call. The point here? Paul realized that inaction is dangerous to the Gospel. Dreams, as long as they fit within scripture as is, do not need to be detailed by God Himself from the very beginning: they are often revealed as you’re walking in the wrong direction.
  • I don’t have _____. This is another very dangerous excuse. Fill in the blank with whatever you like: time, resources, people, etc. There are countless examples, both Scriptural and modern, of times when God’s providence has triumphed over the lack of something. It’s often said, and is so very true, that God will provide a way for His will.
  • I have _____. This is the flip side of the above. It can be anything from an existing job to a family to feed to some other perceived obligation. Again, God will provide a way for His will.

Which of these do you find yourself trying to use most frequently? How will you resolve to release this as both a lie and an excuse? Why are you afraid of surrendering your life completely to Christ?

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