There’s a provoking entry over at that addresses the answer to this question. The thing that has consistently amazed me is that most churchgoers have never thought to question their particular church and its fidelity (or its leaders’) to scripture and spiritual maturity. Living smack in the middle of the Bible Belt, I’ve consistently observed people who have attended the same church for years without ever evaluating whether they or their children are growing spiritually and in their understanding of and embrace of a life mission and ministry.

It’s more of an intuition than hard, empirical research, but I suspect that most churchgoers attend church habitually rather than passionately. They are somewhat committed to the people they see in church week-in and week-out, but they hardly consider these fellow followers as family. They’re just “people that go to the same church they do.”

It’s sad to consider that few regular church attenders are aware that there are genuine and authentic (though certainly not perfect) gatherings of Christ followers – perhaps in their own community – who are earnestly seeking to follow Christ, serve their communities in love, and seek to implement the principles of Christ’s kingdom on earth. This is a far cry from their pew-centered, classroom-oriented church setting; however, they haven’t paused long enough to consider the dearth of a deep love of God and others in their own spiritual life.

When do you think it’s time to leave a church? (Or perhaps, when is it time to begin going to one?)

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