He’s been featured in so many sports articles and newscasts now. He’s known as “The Coach Who Never Punts.” Kevin Kelley is the football coach of my alma mater, Pulaski Academy, in Little Rock, Arkansas. Ironically, they are the Bruins (same colors and mascot name as Blacksburg). I wrote about him back in 2007 on the blog here as well.

What’s even more ironic is that the football world – college and pro – still won’t embrace or believe in Kelley’s amazing strategy.

Last night, his Bruins travelled to DFW and absolutely destroyed Highland Park High School, 40-13. Get this – Highland Park was on an 84-game winning streak. They hadn’t lost… since 1998! Check out these highlights:

When will the football world catch up with Coach Kelley? I’d encourage you to Google “Kevin Kelley Pulaski Academy” and be amazed.

Maybe he should be contacted as the next coach of our Virginia Tech Hokies after Frank Beamer retires? (fingers crossed)

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