I’ve hosted my blog on my own server since 2004. I’ve tried a number of other blogging platforms (Typepad, Tumblr, etc.), but I like the features and customization available with themes and plug-ins with a self-hosted site. (I know I’ve already lost most of you, but for you blogging nerds, hang in there.)

I convinced Aaronwordpress-logo.jpg last year to move from Blogger to WordPress.com, and he has shared with me that it’s been a great transition – especially bringing added interaction (blog comments) and more followers than he had over on Blogger.

Then I stumbled across this article from 2013 which says:

Self hosties are missing out on the community side of wordpress. Sure, we’ve got our own thing going on, and we tap into communities like facebook, twitter and DISQUS, but we don’t seem to have any way of readily tapping into the rich and fascinating community over on the hosted side of the fence.

It’s got me thinking.. should I move my blog to WordPress.com? I can still use my URL of journeyguy.com and just forward it there.


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