Now I’m not quite ready to run out and purchase a Wii, obviously. My trusty Xbox still give Sam and I hours of fun and entertainment. However, with the release of two new gaming systems over the holidays, I’ve been following them to see what may become the “must-have” system of the future. Many thought it would be the PS3; others said the Xbox 360, which was released during the holiday season 2005 would stay on top. However, it’s price seems to be it’s detriment so far. Normal gamers like myself aren’t ready for Blu-Ray and having to upgrade their TVs to HD just yet, and the $250 tag of the Wii seems to have pulled quite a few back to Nintendo’s side. In addition, the innovative game play, using the interactive nunchuk controller may also be winning of many non-gamers, as gaming becomes more of a fun, interactive experience for everyone. (Or is it that folks just enjoy laughing at the gyrations of a gamer on a Wii?)

Whatever your conclusion, there’s a great analysis over at the blog you’ve gotta check out that includes this image:


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