Mike Breen, one of the leaders of 3DM, has a compelling article titled Why the Missional Movement Will Fail. In it, Breen explains that the reason is that emphasizes doing over being, mission over discipleship.

I don’t know if it’s a fair evaluation. To level the charge that churches with the label of missional do not embrace discipleship is arbitrary. I know of traditional, contemporary, liturgical, emergent and more churches that do not prize the making of disciples. And of course, there are churches in all those categories that do.

However, I totally agree with Breen’s ultimate assessment that a church that misses the mark on making disciples can’t claim to be on mission with Jesus.

The missional movement will fail because, by-and-large, we are having a discussion about mission devoid of discipleship. Unless we start having more discussion about discipleship and how we make missionaries out of disciples, this movement will stall and fade. Any discussion about mission must begin with discipleship.

What are your thoughts?

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