This is the sixth year for our church to host December Nights. During the month of December, we move our morning services to the evenings, rent a vacant church building in downtown Christiansburg, and make much of Jesus. The move allows us to focus on a theme of Rest. Reflect. Rejoice. Renew. The setting is especially meaningful for our church family since we are a mobile church. We meet in Blacksburg Middle School (and have for the past 11 years), setting up and tearing down every other Sunday of the year.

Our staff, leaders and a host of volunteers – both members and guests – are delighted to be able to simply arrive during December and enjoy the services without the accompanying work.

As a proud dad, I wanted to share with you a snippet from the first service of this month (which was actually held in the auditorium of the new high school for space sake). Adelyn had the opportunity to sing the song Winter Snow with the praise band, and this is a clip from it.

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