Yesterday I posted this video to my Facebook profile. The name of the video is “When the Driver is a She.” I laughed at it and moved on with my day.

Little did I know that the Female Genie of Driving Vengeance was watching and administering justice.

Last night, in a rush to get Sam to bow practice in time, I backed into Paula Atwell’s car in our driveway. She had parked behind me. Bad thing is I had seen it and calculated what turns I would need to make.

However, upon getting in the car, I was juggling a hot meal intended for Tracy Reed’s house. As I passed it off to Sam to hold, I completely forgot about the car behind me.

Yup. I’m that way. A creature of driveway habit.

So I put it into reverse and begin my normal (aka, speedy) exit from the carport. We were jolted to a quick halt by Paula’s Honda.

Dented her hood quite well. But no damage to our Sequoia.

As I stepped back into the house to tell Carolyn and Paula, by the eyes, I realized they had witnessed the whole thing through Caro’s office window. They had been yelling at me to “watch out” through the window…

Moral: Laugh in private at women drivers. Posting videos about them will come back to haunt you.

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