I’m going to try to keep a running list of the best headlines from WWDC ’08. I’ve subscribed to winandmac.com’s tweets from the conference.

  • iPhone 3G is here! And it’s only $199 for an 8GB model! $299 for 16GB. Its use of the 3G network doesn’t impact me since we don’t have that in our area. But shoot, for $199, I imagine there’s going to be a run on AT&T and Apple stores on July 11!
  • This doesn’t really classify as a “best” headline, but it’s significant… iPhone 2.0 is a no go for show. Basically, everyone who has been waiting anxiously for the new firmware will have to wait longer, probably until the first of August. When it hits, there are already iPhone games, programs and software ready to go.
  • .Mac is dead! Hello MobileMe!! To be introduced with a 60 day free trial in July! I have been holding out for this, delaying a BusySync purchase.
  • iPhone “push” services announced. These include calendar, email, and contacts to be updated from the phone to the Mac and back effortlessly and wirelessly. We all knew this was coming. No “news” here.
Overall, it’s a nice WWDC, but it sure wasn’t groundbreaking; it was kind of a downer. The lack of the new iPhone 2.0 today is a real downer for many. In addition, the new iPhone is only nice for those in larger metro areas that have 3G. Probably the most immediate impact is MobileMe, and it can’t be previewed for another month… So, all of today’s show was basically “air.” Nothing to hold, nothing to see for a month or more. I expected more from Apple. Sigh.

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