I love this from Brian Glass:

Now that Google has taken over the world and has become the next Microsoft, it’s about time for me to start hating it and eradicate it from my life. But for some reason I just can’t help but like Google.

I’m always looking for easier ways to accomplish mundance routines, like calendaring, syncing with my Treo 650 (hopefully soon-to-be-iPhone), contacts, etc. When you work across more than one computer, it’s vitally important that you have the same info at your fingertips all the time.

Used to, a person would find nifty software like Chronosync that would help you literally match on one computer the files you have on another. However, I’m beginning to suspect that there are geniuses out there who have better ways. Are we looking at the induction of a “world server” that will keep all you files, etc. “out there” – securely, mind you – for easy access from any computer? There are already several blooming options out there – like keepandshare.com.


Hmmm. I don’t know, but I think I’m gonna revisit what Google has to offer. Other calendar tools you might like:

Any others that you use and have found to be helpful and stable? Caro and I share calendars on iCal through icalx.com for syncing. It also allows us to sync our personal iCals to the web for reference.

Update (4/16/07):

Since writing this, I’ve found two more incredible resources:

  • Cozi – a family friendly sit for managing calendars and lists (like groceries). Very graphically appealing and very easy to use.
  • Airset – Wow! And double wow! I actually had signed up for an Airset account early last year (in ’06) but at the time, I think I had some problems getting it to work seamlessly with my Mac stuff (iCal and Address Book). Those problems are now gone, and this is one whopper of a free service! You’ve gotta check it out! It has everything you can imagine, and then some. Simple enough for basic users and advanced enough for tech geeks.

In addition, here’s a weblink for those of you who need to convert iCal exports (.ics files) to a format (.csv, .ldif) that other sites can use (like Airset, Yahoo, etc.). It works flawlessly!


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