I must echo Evan Dashevsky’s post over on techhive.com:

I didn’t even watch this year’s Video Music Awards, but apparently the girl who sung “Party in the USA” did horrible things with Dr. Seaver’s offspring and it drove tweeters into a panic.

According to a blog post from Fred Graver, Twitter’s head of TV, the raunchy duet of @MileyCyrus and @RobinThicke featuring a melody of their hit songs “We Can’t Stop” and “Blurred Lines” generated a peak conversation of 306,100 tweets-per-minute (TPM) based on the original east coast airing.

As a point of comparison, the peak TPM for November’s presidential election was 327,452 TPM. That means that tweeters had just barely more to say about who will run the free world for the next four years than they did about Hannah Montana twerking. [italics mine]

It was interesting that the Disney Channel aired the Hannah Montana movie two days ago, the story of young Hannah getting too big for her britches and needing to get back to her roots. In reality, that idiom is stunningly true. Either she has gotten much too big for her britches, or she’s simply decided to stop wearing any.

If Luke 6.45 were written today, it might say:

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