What do you do with your cellphone? And before you answer that, I can’t help thinking about the latest Cingular commercial where one of the nerdy cell phone representatives phone is set on vibrate, and he looks up with this sheepish grin. Let’s keep this above board, if possible, ok?

After reading this little ditty about ten creative ways to use your cellphone, I began to wonder what all of you might do with your cell in addition to talking.

I have a Palm Treo 650, and it’s kind of a “super phone.” I love it, but am anxiously awaiting the arrival of the iPhone. Until then, however, here’s what I currently do with my phone:

  • Appointments galore – it syncs seamlessly with my iCal and hopefully helps me miss make the meetings I want to.
  • Contacts – aaah. Nothing like having 535 contacts at my beck and call.
  • Photos – an immense help for that quick shot. I also try to take as many unflattering shots of my friends as possible and then set them to show up when they call. Good for a quick pick-me-up.
  • Solitaire – at least a couple of games every night right before falling asleep, and usually when I’m on the, uh, nevermind.
  • Alarm – I use my cell exclusively for my alarm clock. With Treo Alarm, I can check the weather and have multiple alarms set for times throughout the week.
  • Memos – I find I use this the most when I’m at a bookstore and see a book I want but don’t want to pay $20 for when I know I can get it for much cheaper at Amazon.
  • Tasks – I’ve never been good at a to-do list. I’m more of a consciousness-stream guy; however, I do occasionally use the task function.
  • Texting – who doesn’t.
  • Updating my Twitter, when I want to. (Please, no crude comments here.)
  • Ringtones

So… What do you use your cell for?

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