I’ve been thinking a lot lately about divine design, specifically in the area of the abilities that the Bible says God gives to each Christian. Paul, under direction of God’s guidance, said these abilities are spiritual gifts. These unique abilities are given only to Christians for the purpose of increasing the quality and quantity of those who believe in Jesus Christ.

However, humanity itself has been given life itself, that precedes even our belief in God. Our very breath is a spiritual gift, in a sense, and the Bible is clear that men and women are crafted, lovingly designed, and intimately formed – in all shapes and aptitudes – by God.

Someone, somewhere deemed abnormalities as “defects,” “retardation,”
even “accidents.” Yet in the world of geology, we call rare stones gems and accord them great value. Why in the world of biology do we call developmental rarities by such negative terms instead of assigning wonder, beauty and value to them?

The parents first informed about developmental issues in their unborn child may at first respond with grief. However, thousands of stories testify to the reality that these stunning creations by a loving God really are special and a gift.

We look at flowers and appreciate the diversity of colors, shapes and beauty. Why should we think that God is any less creative with humanity? We learn so much from those who are different when we sincerely believe in divine design.

On the other hand, for those who reject a loving hand behind it all, they must assign ugly words to things, people and trials that are “different” from their expectations. They presume to think that God must always create in the same way, for everyone and every thing.

When seen as a spiritual gift, many things glow anew with love and purpose.

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