If you ever had a helping of asparagus or brocolli or beets on your plate as a kid, you have heard that phrase before. “You’re going to eat this… and LIKE it…” It was always followed or preceded by explanations of how good these things were for you. Of course, in the dietary world, things that taste bad actually do wind up being good for you sometimes.

In the financial world, that analogy doesn’t carry over. I like how Michelle Malkin put it in her entry this a.m.: Crap sandwhich 2.0 with sugar on top. It doesn’t matter how the deluded D.C. dipwads coat this bailout. It’s still a crap sandwich. I’m incensed that they are voting for this in spite of the clear wishes of the American public. The MSM refuses to report on the deluge of response, in phone calls and emails that brought down Congressional websites and servers this week. I’m incensed that this sandwich is being forced down our throats by our Congress with the aid of the MSM. Shawn Barnard in a Facebook update yesterday said the revolutionary words, “Taxation without represenation.”

There have been several cogent and considered alternatives proposed. They apparently have been ignored in favor of spending taxpayer money. Mandy pointed out the sheer immensity of $700 billion by showing how, if that amount were given to individual tax payers, it would amount to “a nice sum of around $450,000” for each tax payer from 2007. Now that would be an economy-injection right there.

The burn-down of Western society’s way of life that was predicted to happen Monday never occurred. The markets bounced back due to bargain hunters. A lot of people lost a lot of money on Monday. A lot of people made a lot of money on Tuesday. It’s a free market. Those who are swayed by panic and fear will lose. And perhaps our very D.C. leaders are using the panic and fear against us? I’d be curious to know how many Washington-ites bought and sold stock on Monday and Tuesday. Are they allowed to do things like that, being privy to such significant information?


Please, get back on the phones one more time and urge your Congressman to vote against this bailout package once more. Every single Arkansas Congressman and Senator have voted FOR the bailout each time it’s been voted on. As soon as I have a legitimate option, I will be voting against them. They have made it plain that their attitude is a “Big Brother knows best.” I’m sorry, but this isn’t 1984.

In my area, Arkansas Congressman Mike Ross’ phone is 1-800-223-2220. You can find your Congressman’s contact information by going to Congress.org and typing in your zip code.

Thanks to Malkin for providing this image of the Senate’s vote:

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