I had really, really wanted to try the Microsoft Zune. I know. I know what you’re all saying… It’s a Microsoft product. How could I even consider that?

Well, I can consider that because when the Gates crew focuses, it’s able to deliver an amazing product. A computer operating system, unfortunately, seems to be too big of a project for the bug-beladen tech giant. A gaming system like the Xbox on the other hand, is nothing more than a smash. I converted from the PS2 to an Xbox and still have no plans to upgrade to a 360. The aging (in tech terms) Xbox is still game-aplenty for me.

Enter the Zune. Microsoft’s promised entry into the iPod media battle. It has looked great in ads, and they at least have gotten one thing right – the ability to to turn the device to watch movies so that the scale is correct. With the iPod videos, you lose out on screen estate due to the baffling and thoughtless architecture of the device.

However, after mucho research and reading on the Zune, I’ve officially decided to pass on the device. The nail in the proverbial purchase coffin was resoundingly hammered in by the folks over at Engadget. They posted a lengthy review of the unit, with the following conclusion:

Would we recommend the product for purchase, like, right now? Not a chance.

People wonder whether Microsoft’s underdog will overtake Cupertino’s reigning juggernaut this holiday season. To be honest, we wish it could, since we too are getting kind of sick of seeing the iPod on top. A one man show is only entertaining for so long. But this buying season if the question is iPod, we’re afraid the answer sure isn’t Zune.

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