Way back in ’06, I wrote about my consideration of the Zune as a possible iPod-breaker. However, after doing research then, I decided not to plunk down any cash on the Doomed-Zune. I have a few people who follow this blog who sometimes question my sources and predictions, but to date, I have not had to make any embarrassing retractions. 

This recent article seems to confirm what I had written back then. I offer it only to help you save some dollars if you were considering a Microsoft Zune. Most of you will wonder what in the world it is, I suspect.

The article states:

US video game retailer GameStop has thus applied yet another slap across the face of Microsoft’s attempt to produce an ‘iPod-killer’. Zune has sold two million units since launch, proving itself an unwanted minnow in the sea ofApple competitors.

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